Reinstatement Case Statement Submitted to Montana State University Billings

The Case Statement for Reinstatement of an Intercollegiate Football Program at Montana State University-Billings has been submitted to Chancellor Mark Nook, Krista Montague (Director of Intercollegiate Athletics), and Chuck Wendt (MSUB Foundation President).This case statement is a comprehensive 61 page document composed for the Big Huddle by Dr. Gregg Waggoner from Rocky Mountain Consulting Services.  It contains "information, data and research regarding the challenges, implications and benefits of reinstating a football program" at MSUB. Chancellor Nook and Director Montague are currently reviewing the case statement and the results of the Strategic Edge study on MSUB athletic strategy and the return of football.The Big Huddle has officially requested a qualified endorsement by July 1, 2015. Fund raising efforts are hinging on this endorsement and the Big Huddle is anxious to get started with the formal fund raising campaign.